NEWS RELEASE: AgLaunch and Ag Ventures Alliance Partner to Further Engage Farmers


AgLaunch Executive Director Highlights Farm-Centric Innovation Model at Ag Ventures Alliance Annual Meeting

MASON CITY, IA. (March 21, 2019) — Pete Nelson, Executive Director of AgLaunch Initiative (AgLaunch) is presenting the keynote address to the Ag Ventures Alliance (AgVA) Annual Membership Meeting today. The presentation will highlight AgLaunch’s Farm-Centric Innovation Model, a unique approach to building agtech companies in which farmers incubate new agtech and value-added companies in exchange for equity in the new enterprises. AgVA and AgLaunch have recently signed an MOU to co-invest in new early-stage companies, as well as to create new opportunities for farmers to participate in the innovation value-chain.

“AgLaunch is honored to address AgVA’s farmers about how to pool their resources into jumpstarting the agtech industry and next generation of value-added processing. AgVA’s history of farmer-led innovation and investment in new technologies is a natural extension of AgLaunch’s Farm-Centric Innovation Model,” said Nelson. “Expanding our farmer network beyond the Mid-South Delta region allows AgLaunch to build on its current work and gives startup companies additional opportunities to test and develop their products.”

AgLaunch and AgVA are committed to establishing a network of farmers to incubate new technologies that includes pilot trials, farmer feedback and guidance, as well as providing startup capital.

“We are pleased to have AgLaunch at our annual meeting to further advance the collaboration between the two organizations,” said Jude Conway, Executive Director of Ag Ventures Alliance. “Investing in the future of agriculture with AgLaunch is adding tremendous value to our farmer-members and provides a new collaborative opportunity for startups we are investing in.”

Currently, the two organizations are jointly supporting startup companies like Agrisync, SwineTech, Shepherd, Soil Nerd, and Rantizo through direct investments, farm-scale trials, and business support. Additionally, AgLaunch and AgVA also support value-added enterprises related to new crops, new market opportunities, and processing.


About AgLaunch
AgLaunch is revolutionizing the way that innovations in agriculture and food are brought to market by bridging the present and future to grow a more diverse and sustainable farm economy and provide healthy food for all. AgLaunch leverages its distributed network of farm incubators, entrepreneurial farmers, aligned capital partners, research consortia, technical consulting, and best-in-class accelerator programming to effectively challenge the status quo and thoughtfully create value for farmers and the communities they serve. The AgLaunch vision is a transformed regional agriculture and food economy centered around farmers, innovation, and prosperity.

About Ag Ventures Alliance
Ag Ventures Alliance is a business development organization for value-added agricultural ventures. It was formed by a group of farmers and agriculture related individuals in northern Iowa to increase the incomes of farmers and other rural residents by participating in agriculture related businesses beyond the farm gate.As farmers and agriculture related individuals, the members of Ag Ventures Alliance are taking control of their economic future by participating in value-added agriculture businesses.They will accomplish this by creating new value-added agriculture businesses and helping existing value-added businesses expand.

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