Soil Nerd

Soil Nerd is a digital agronomist that helps farmers raise crop quality and reduce in-season risk through soil health management.

Location: Ashland, Oregon


Shepherd is helping farmers rethink their farm work and farm labor by building tools to help growers everywhere get more done, faster and easier than ever before.

Location: Missoula, Montana


Rx Maker develops crops, soils, and weather algorithms that will be used to create new data layers. These new data layers will be used to drive selection of crops, crop varieties, fertilizer nutrients, soil amendments, and biological products as well as their respective application rates to agricultural production fields.

Location: Durham, NC

Newton RFID

Newton RFID is an animal identification and mobile records management company which provides vital records about a horse, from an injected microchip.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee


Cattlog empowers ranchers to buy and sell cattle anytime, anywhere with an online marketplace backed by 3rd party escrow and arbitration.

Location: Mississippi


GroGuru is revolutionizing soil and irrigation management for agriculture through a monitoring system, which allows for irrigation recommendations that has been scaled in vegetables and is expanding into row crops.

Location: Fresno, California


Farmers today connect with their local, trusted agribusiness consultants for help adopting and implementing new technologies, practices, and biological advancements – a network of support resulting from our evolving agriculture industry. AgriSync simplifies communication between advisors and their farmer customers.

Location: Waukee, Iowa


WISRAN is an agtech company providing live farming with an action-based business and process intelligence and measuring time variations of farming activities. WISRAN is developing a software-as-a-service platform to increase agricultural operation efficiency, initially targeting improving worker productivity and agricultural machinery logistics.

Location: Milpitas, California


Swinetech uses advanced algorithms and acoustic engineering to detect when a piglet is in distress by analyzing its squeals. In the moment of a crushing event, the SmartGuard® monitor communicates to the SmartGuard® wearable to tell the sow to stand up.

Location: New Sharon, Iowa


Rantizo is solving spray drift by using a drone mounted electrosprayer.  The electrically charged spray will wrap around and completely coat the top and bottom of leaves.  This small payload can be delivered via drone, which will spot apply chemicals and fertilizers exactly where they are needed. This technology will significantly reduce spray drift and soil compaction.

Location: Iowa City, Iowa