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AgLaunch 365

AgLaunch365 is a one-of-a-kind, farm-immersive business development experience for startups with a product or service that has the potential to be transformative in production agriculture.

The accelerator offers three key benefits to participants:

    • Farm-centric programming with facilitators who have deep ag expertise,
    • Farm trials executed and tracked by a team with agronomic, livestock, and data management expertise,
    • Farmer engagement throughout the process.

AgLaunch365 is like no other accelerator experience because early in the process farmers help review, select, trial and invest in new technologies that offer real solutions to some of the most pressing problems in agriculture.

Startups selected to participate in the AgLaunch365 Accelerator focus on product and business development in a multiphase approach over a two-year period. The experience kicks off with a six-week business development session that includes farmer input and interaction with industry leaders and investors on go-to-market strategy, product development in farm trials and fundraising. After the accelerator, startups are ready to implement farm trials with AgLaunch’s Farmer Network and farm-trial platform across five regions that include the Mid-South, Southern Appalachia, the Southern Plains, the Mid-West and Northwest. Startups will be paired with farmers to trial their technologies on-farm, giving them the early ability to test, refine, and retest.

Innovations of Interest

      • Soil health and regenerative practices
      • Water use and management 
      • Nutrient optimization 
      • Production efficiency 
      • Climate-smart technologies 
      • Microbial and biological inputs 
      • Animal and worker well-being 
      • Biosecurity and traceability 
      • Robotics and automation
Apply to the 2024-2025 cohort now.

Program Overview

Start-ups in the pre-seed to seed stages that have a prototype or MVP have the opportunity to participate in the AgLaunch365 selection and experience. The model starts with the AgLaunch365 selection process, and selected start-ups continue to the AgLaunch365 experience, which starts with an Accelerator and ends with an on-farm trial pathway. This occurs over a 12-month period, ramping towards farm trials with the AgLaunch Farmer Network in the MidSouth, Iowa, Oregon and Oklahoma.

23-24 Cohort of Founders, February 2024
Eddy Mejia talks to farmers today at the Top Producer Summit
Eddy Mejia speaks at Top Producer Summit2024

If you are an ag startup, you need to apply to AgLaunch if you want to be successful. You save a lot of time and resources that are critical to your startup. The field trial help and conversations with farmers that AgLaunch provides is invaluable.

 – Eddy Mieja, Earnest Ag CEO, AgLaunch365 2024 Cohort

The Selection Process


Apply online for a chance to participate in the AgLaunch365 selection + experience!


Pitch and interview with our farmer selection committee to move forward to the in-person AgLaunch365 Challenge.


Compete at the in-person Challenge to participate in the AgLaunch365 experience. During the Challenge, you will receive support services to refine your startup’s value proposition, get business coaching, and prepare to pitch to farmers and agricultural investors to win a seat in the AgLaunch365 experience.

The Experience


Through virtual and in-person sessions, spend six-weeks accelerating your ag and farm knowledge about launching a start-up in the ag industry, including funding opportunities, go-to-market coaching and channels, and farm trial design.

Farm Trials

Work directly with farmers for up to two years and have exclusive access to farmer input and feedback. Cost-share opportunities are available to offset expenses of farm trials.


Receive on-going regular coaching from the AgLaunch team, mentors, investors, and farmers to provide assistance with any part of your agtech business.

2024-2025 AgLaunch365 Cohort Timeline

Application deadline: August 5
Pitch video submissions: Early August
Challenge Week invitations sent out: Late September
Challenge Week: October – November
Accelerator: January/February
Farm Trials: 2025 – 2026

Apply to the 2024-2025 cohort now.

Applications now open for AgLaunch365 and Bootcamps!