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Provides a low-cost subscription to a mobile app that can be integrated with IoT sensors designed to monitor insect population dynamics autonomously and help farmers reduce crop loss risk and inputs by managing biological control with precision.

A mobile app that improves your cattle and the land they live on using intelligent, easy- to-enter, digital records on your smart phone.


A soil health data intelligence company and the catalyst for sustainable agriculture.

Earnest probiotics protect against disease, insects, and weeds; promote nutrients, soil health, and drought tolerance; and perform 80% better than the leading competitor.

Empowering farmers around the world to fight labor shortages and regenerate their lands with autonomous, AI-powered robots.

Based on patented, proprietary technology, EVOIA™ uses fire to convert sustainable raw biomass to plant-beneficial compounds and then transforms them into highly active, consistent biostimulants in liquid form.


EquipassID offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to streamline horse management. From essential identification details to in-depth authentication of  medical records, veterinary inspection, and infectious disease  reports, our platform centralizes all the information you need, ensuring efficient tracking, traceability, and data retrieval

We create simplified robotics tools that can integrate into current farm operations to alleviate the burden on today’s workforce.

Leverages the power of genomics and artificial intelligence to help mitigate the spread and significant cost of diseases on livestock farms.

Provides a low-cost subscription to a mobile app that can be integrated with IoT sensors designed to monitor insect population dynamics autonomously and help farmers reduce crop loss risk and inputs by managing biological control with precision.

Grain bin safety and management robot that directly engages the surface of the grain. Grain bins are dirty, dangerous workplaces.


Gripp revolutionizes AG activity & equipment tracking through a simple, yet powerful QR code + mobile App approach.

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Holganix Bio 800+ charges soil with over 800 species of soil microbes to improve plant performance.

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An agricultural biotechnology company developing sustainable biological products to control untreatable crop diseases, pests, and weeds.


Revolutionizing insect pest control by introducing biopesticides that are safe, effective, species-specific, and easy to use.


microBIOMETER® is a low cost, 20-minute on-site soil test for microbial biomass and fungal to bacterial ratio that allows you to quickly determine the health of your soil.


Uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to quantitatively evaluate animal gait, posture and condition to measure in real-time health and predict productivity in breeding swine.

Nori is on a mission to scale carbon removal, with the ultimate goal of reversing climate change.  Our fully integrated carbon removal issuing program, registry, and marketplace simplifies a complicated market, increasing transparency, trust, efficiency, and impact for buyers and sellers alike.

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Through years of research and development, we have established technology and techniques to enable sustainable global analysis of carbon and soil nutrients. Our mission is to give rise to healthy soil, provide nutritious food, and ultimately assist carbon in moving from our atmosphere to the soil, enabling global cooling

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Breakthrough technology to transform manure into regenerative biofertilizer.

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Engineering the next generation of microbial bio-fertilizers using their novel gene-editing platform.

We were the first agricultural drone company authorized by the FAA.

Plant growth promoting bacteria strains that exhibit improved root colonization in the soil and increased production of plant-beneficial metabolites enabling them to exhibit enhanced plant growth and crop protection effects

Planting system to allow farmers to plant in more diverse conditions without the pain of compaction the current industry standard causes.

Patented intravaginal embryo culture device creates embryos in the cow, rather than the lab, and brings the ‘Lab to the Farm.’

Technology uses whole metagenomic sequencing paired with proprietary bioinformatic AI to comprehensively sample all genes and microorganisms present in a soil sample.

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Light-weight, fully autonomous, electric-powered chassis attaches easily to customizable implements.

Secure Food Solutions, Inc. (SFS) is developing rapid microbial tests and imaging systems to detect and enumerate dangerous pathogens that threaten food supply chains in the U.S. and around the world.  

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Nitrogen is essential for healthy crop growth. But applying the right amount of the element has been an inexact science leading to lost profits and environmental harm. To create a solution to the nitrogen dilemma, our Founder & CEO, Jackson Stansell developed N-Time®, a software and management framework for using imagery to provide growers and their trusted advisors with data-driven fertigation scheduling recommendations.  

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SoilMetrix helps growers use artificial intelligence to maximize the fertility of their fields. We aspire to an abundant and sustainable global food supply through continuously improving soil management practices. By helping farmers and ranchers easily apply modern data science to improve the stewardship of their land, they’re also able to maximize the yield of every acre.

Early alert system for crop disease helps growers optimize their pesticide use. The wind- powered air sampler and highly sensitive DNA analysis allows farmers to know when crop disease is in the air long before it is seen in the field.

Pioneering the use of ultra-high pressure water jets in row crop planting applications in no-till and cover crop applications.

We deliver turnkey solar generators so non-expert landowners can profit from solar energy. We make it simple by doing away with surveys, testing, piling driving, and fencing.

From its origins in foundational technology discovered at Duke University, Upstream Biotechnology has built established a new platform for the development of leading seed products, based on a proprietary strategy for deployment of value-added traits.

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Whether it is Cattle Rustling, Livestock Traceability, Early Disease Detection or Wildlife Protection Services from Poaching, the Wandering Shepherd Wireless Rumen Bolus can be used in all these situations and more. The unique design allows the bolus to maintain an upright position giving you the most accurate reading of information available. There is no other device on the market that offers the unique qualities of Wandering Shepherd’s Wireless Rumen Bolus, exclusively from Wandering Shepherd.

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