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AgLaunch Farmer Network

Farmer Network

Farming is changing rapidly. We all know the role of data, conservation, direct-to-end user markets, and traceability are the future, but farmers are often left figuring it out on their own. The AgLaunch Farmer Network connects farmers with startup companies and specialty crop opportunities to beta test ideas, offer feedback, and ultimately increase farm efficiencies and earning power.

The AgLaunch Farmer Network members collaborate with entrepreneurs to test innovative pre-commercial technologies and specialty crops on their farms. Connections forged through the network are creating more opportunities for farmers to engage with novel investment models, data monetization, and new production practices.

AgLaunch Farmer-Centric Model

The AgLaunch model is a pioneering approach in the agricultural sector, blending venture investment with a farm-centric innovation strategy. This distinctive framework prioritizes the direct involvement of farmers in shaping and utilizing agricultural technologies, offering them equity in the startups they collaborate with. By doing so, it ensures that the solutions developed are not only aligned with real agricultural needs but also contribute to a more equitable and sustainable farming future. Through this model, AgLaunch provides startups with access to funding, expert advice, and a network of innovative farms for pilot testing and practical application. This ensures that agricultural innovations are both effective in the field and beneficial to the farmers’ businesses, promoting advancements that are truly transformative and farmer-focused.

Benefits of Membership

♦ Exclusive access to agtech startup companies, investors, farmers, reports, events, and other resources collaborating on new endeavors.

♦ Access to a network of like-minded entrepreneurial farmers and producers.

♦ Development of new crop value chains.

Participation in farm-scale trials of technology products in exchange for preferential business partnerships with early-stage agtech startups.

Opportunities to test and demonstrate revolutionary farm products.

Collaboration on value-added processing systems.


Farmer Network

The AgLaunch Farmer Network is a leadership network of entrepreneurial farmers administered by AgLaunch.

Farmers Fund

AgLaunch is collaborating with Ag Ventures Alliance to launch an external fund, managed in part by farmers. The fund will be structured as a Rural Business Investment Company, and it is anticipated that the Limited Partners of the fund will all be banks within the Farm Credit system.

Data Commons

The Data Commons will speed the time to market and increase likelihood of success for early stage agricultural startups, by giving them access to aggregated data from across multiple farmers that are part of AgLaunch Farmer Network.

Farm Trial Program

The Farm Trial Program matches startups that are building new products with innovative farmers to test and provide feedback to provide a better product for our farmers. Participating startups gain access to a network of early adopters, receive critical advice, and get field trial results. Participating farmers get to help shape the future of agriculture and earn equity in high-potential startups.

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