AgLaunch Expanding Farmer Network in West Kentucky

West Kentucky Alliance for a Vibrant Economy (WAVE) AG Initiative is Latest AgLaunch Regional Innovation Cluster Partner

MEMPHIS, TENN. (October 4, 2023) –
 Memphis-based non-profit AgLaunch has signed an agreement with the West Kentucky Alliance for a Vibrant Economy (WAVE) AG Initiative to support agtech innovation and entrepreneurship in the west region of the Bluegrass state.

Under the new agreement, WAVE AG will serve as a “boots on the ground” partner to recruit Kentucky farmers into the AgLaunch Farmer Network to support ag technology-based economic development.

AgLaunch has a commitment to recruit a highly diverse group of farmers, including those considered historically underserved, to leverage diversified farming and logistics assets within the four counties served by WAVE AG. Farmers will assist in supporting agtech startup companies and value-added enterprises by providing screening, field trials, data and expertise to scale investable agtech companies.

“I’m extremely excited to ‘connect the dots’ between the initiatives of AgLaunch and WAVE Ag,” said WAVE Ag Regional Facilitator, Dr. Tony Brannon. “AgLaunch’s farmer centric innovation model fits like a glove with our WAVE Ag Initiative effort to further engage regional farmers in agricultural and economic development. The WAVE region has some of the best and most innovative farmers in the country, and to add their expertise and innovation to the AgLaunch effort will propel it even further. We look forward to adding value to regional agriculture.” 

The two entities will collaborate in creating opportunities for early-stage ag-related entrepreneurs to receive assistance on startup basics through AgLaunch’s AgLaunch365 Accelerator programming, while also deploying a group of WAVE AG Farmers into the AgLaunch Farmer Network, which facilitates farm trials of ag-related startups to both assist the startup in fine-tuning their product, while simultaneously allowing farmers access to cutting-edge technology. 

“This partnership will allow us to expand AgLaunch’s farmer-led, open innovation model in a way that leverages the unique attributes of food and ag production in Kentucky,” said Pete Nelson, President of AgLaunch.

In addition to the new partnership in West Kentucky, AgLaunch operates SBA recognized RICs in the Mid-South and Southern Appalachia, as well as regional initiatives in the Mid-West and Southern Plains. For more information about AgLaunch visit

Front Row L to R: 

Todd Cooper – Judge Executive, Ballard County, KY

Greg Terry – Judge Executive, Carlisle County, KY

Pete Nelson – President, AgLaunch, Memphis, TN

Jim Martin – Judge Executive, Fulton County, KY

Kenny Wilson – Judge Executive, Hickman County, KY

Back Row L to R 

Dr. Tony Brannon – WAVE Ag Regional Facilitator

Phillip Bean –  WAVE Ag Chairman 

Joel Reddick – WAVE Ag farmer, Continuum Ag




About AgLaunch

AgLaunch is a national platform of innovative farmers from diverse farming operations that crowdsource due diligence, share data, coordinate farm trials and provide investment capital to support agtech startup companies from idea-to-scale. AgLaunch’s platform bridges the gap from how we farm now to the way we will farm in the future. AgLaunch believes that the future of farming is nutrient dense crops, carbon negative farms and more equitable ownership in the value-chain. AgLaunch is a Regional Innovation Cluster lead for SBA and EDA that includes Mississippi Delta counties in Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee, and works across multiple regions with partners in Appalachia, the Pacific Northwest, Southern Plains and Midwest. 

For more information, please contact Pete Nelson, AgLaunch President, at

About WAVE 

The WAVE Ag Initiative is a joint project of Ballard, Carlisle, Fulton and Hickman counties in Western Kentucky, begun in 2017 to grow and promote the agriculture industry. Direct concentration is given to agricultural and economic development and finding ways to improve the community, as well as the region. 

For more information or to join the initiative, please contact Dr. Brannon at or WAVE Ag Initiative Chair Phillip Bean at

Applications now open for AgLaunch365 and Bootcamps!

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